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Spring is finally here, and what better way to let the sunshine in than by throwing open your windows. If you have original timber sash windows, now is the perfect time to give them a springtime inspection. It’s something every responsible homeowner should do regularly, and at least once a year. While sash windows are a beautiful feature that should be treasured, they do need a bit of attention now and again to maintain them in optimum condition. Exposure to the elements combined with neglect can cause issues over time – you have been warned.

At Sash Window Experts, we know a thing or three about how to look after your windows. We would strongly recommend that you make use of the glorious spring weather to take a closer look at the condition of your sash windows. Check to see whether any repairs or renovation services are needed, and make sure you get these seen to during the summer months.

Here are 3 key checks you should carry out now.

Functionality check

The most important thing for your windows is that you should be able to open and close them as necessary. Check to see if they slide smoothly and easily? Take a look the sash cords, pulleys and weights and move the window up and down to see if the opening mechanism is in good working order.

If the sash window is sticking, not opening properly or has been painted shut, not staying open or not closing as it should, some repairs are in order. Ideally, these should be carried out during the warmer month and as a matter of some urgency since the longer you leave it the more costly the work may turn out to be further down the line.

If you are a competent DIYer, you may be able to carry out basic repairs yourself. However, we would always recommend instructing a sash window expert such as ourselves. We have the experience, the knowledge and the tools to repair your window swiftly and efficiently, providing peace of mind of a job well done.

Weather proofing check

Your windows are meant to protect you from the elements and they need to be able to withstand everything the British weather can throw at it. They are in constant contact with the weather and, being made of timber, can be vulnerable.

When the wood absorbs moisture from the air, it will expand which can make the sashes sticky and harder to slide. Without suitable protection, this continued expansion and contraction can lead to cracked paintwork which, in turn, will let more moisture into the timber and exacerbate the problem.

This is why it is important to inspect your window sills and frames. Is the paintwork still in good condition or does it need redecorating? Next, prod the timber with a finger or a screwdriver to check that the material is showing no signs of softness, which can be an indication of damp. If you do encounter signs of water damage or wood rot, get a professional to treat the problem without delay.

Home security check

Did you know that most burglars gain entry to a property through the windows? Checking the safety and security of your sash windows is therefore critical for any homeowner. And if you’ve ever locked yourself out of your home and have managed to get back in through an unsecured window, you will realise how vulnerable your home can be!

Check that all windows have effective locks fitted and that these are in use when it matters, such as at night time and when the house is empty. You would be surprised at how many intruders get in through an open or unlocked window… If your sash windows are of the original single glazed variety, you may wish to upgrade to double glazed sash windows. These not only act as an additional home security feature, they also help to insulate your home better.

At Sash Windows, we know that protecting your sash windows and your home can be as simple as having an annual professional window service. Prevention is better than cure, as they say. Of course, Mark and the team are always available for expert advice on any issue to do with your sash windows. And if you would like us to come to your house for a free window survey and no-obligation quote, then all you have to do is get in touch.

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What Our Customers Say

Helen Thomas
If I could clone you for all the other work we need to do over the next few years, I would! Thank you Mark for having such a good team in place. And huge thank you to Gary, Alex, John and Glen for taking such care of our windows and giving them what they needed after years (decades?) of neglect. Your attention to detail and 'doing it right' was very much appreciated, and your ability to solve problems was awesome. Helen & Tim, Godalming
Roxana Avanu
Amazing service from start to finish, no issues and no drama. The name Sash Window Experts is well chosen. Mark and his team - Gary and John were extremely helpful and professional and the end product - new sash sound proof double glaze windows upstairs and the kitchen triple sash window restored was top quality. I am very grateful to Sash Window Experts.
Amy Clarke
Cannot fault Mark and his team. We replaced the original sashes to our 1890's home with new like-for-like hardwood double glazed sash windows, and apart from being warmer, quieter, cleaner and altogether much smarter, you really wouldn't tell the difference - an amazing feat! They are absolutely beautiful windows, so well crafted and fitted, and the restoration of rot on the original box is imperceptible. Gary was friendly, clean, professional, and safe throughout the fitting, and very thoughtful in causing minimal disruption to the home. Absolutely thrilled with everything from the service to the price to the final finish. Delighted with them. Would recommend in a heartbeat.
Alison Fordham
We were nervous about getting our Victorian French windows restored and had received a ridiculously high quote. Sash Window Experts came in at a good price, gave a timeframe that worked with our schedule and did a great job. All as promised. The fitter, Gary, put the doors back in with great care and took time made sure they worked smoothly and also discussed any queries with us. Definitely made the job value for money. Very happy customers! We are looking forward to beign able to open our doors again and enjoy the garden. Thank you Mark and Co!
Peter Jones
Our house is Edwardian and has the original sash windows from 1906. I really want to make sure that any double glazed windows did not look out of place - so the woodwork, including the side bars etc should still be very thin to match the originals. I was fearing ending up with fat wooden bars but Mark took me to see a previous customer and I was happy to see the woodwork there and it put my mind at rest. We went for the thin Krypton windows. Now the windows are in they look very good and match very well. To be fair to everybody, we will not know until the winter how well they remedy our warmth and condensation issues in the house but are confident we made the right choice. Other suppliers would not do separate window panes and instead would only do a large window with a false wooden strip down the middle to make them look like two. We did not want that. The carpenters, Steve and Gary turned up on time (early actually) and got on with the job very efficiently and left no mess behind. I am very happy with the company and the windows.
Natasha Birley
Mark and his team are amazing. They restored our sash windows and doors. Mark is really knowledgeable and passionate and explained the process to me so I knew exactly what they would be doing. Once the work commenced I was amazed by how well they draft proofed the windows. They took so much care and the guys were polite, tidy, timely and a joy to have around. I would absolutely recommend the team to anyone thinking of restoring their windows, they look AMAZING!
Rachael Smith
Absolutely outstanding quality, value for money and service from Rob. This is the second time Rob has done work for us and we can highly recommend him. The sash windows are like new! Thanks Rob 😀
Jon Reed
Used these guys to do a total refurbishment on the windows of my 1870s Victorian Villa style house. Incredibly happy with the work and the guys doing it are just superb. On time to the minute every day, clearly take pride in the work they do and super friendly. Would not hesitate to use again!
Geoff Parsons
Excellent service from Mark. The windows installed last week. Look elegant and noise reduced considerably.
S Attewell
Very pleased, very sound work done, very professional and friendly team. Highly recommended!!